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As a parent of three very different children, I know what it means when parents refer to how different their children are. I can also identify with parents of single children who find their child has talents and strengths that they have difficulty to relate with!

Discovering Uniqueness…Growing Talents

Every child is an individual, and every individual has certain talents and abilities that make him unique. Sometimes the child has the opportunity to develop some of those talents into strengths, and that becomes impressive to those around him. Sometimes a child needs a little help in discovering and defining those talents or themes of talents.

The Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer™ is an instrument based on 40 years of science. The Gallup Organization has conducted thousands of studies on the talents of individuals. From that rich history of research, this instrument was created to help youth, ages 10 to 14 years, discover and develop the unique talents within them.

Designed specifically for our Tweens (those kids between kids and teens, mostly ages 10 to 14 years), the StrengthsExplorer assessment identifies each child's three strongest emerging talents.


It identifies areas of talent where a young person’s greatest potential for building strengths exist. The assessment includes explanations of these three talents, strategies to encourage growth, and action items to help students, their parents and also their teachers, leverage strengths in the classroom and in life.


A talent is considered to be a “naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behaviour that can be productively applied. It manifests in life experiences and is characterized by yearnings, rapid learning, satisfaction and timelessness. These talents are believed to be the products of normal healthy development and successful experiences over childhood and adolescence. Strengths are viewed as extensions of talent. We combine talent with knowledge and skill to produce a strength.


Benefits of Strengths Development:


  • Focussing less on the “deficit” model and more on the “adequate” model. It is easier to develop and adequacy than to remedy a deficit!

  • Equips parents and educators in finding out which activities brings an individual the most success.

  • By giving someone a “positive label” it encourages later successes as well as improved self-esteem and confidence and giving merit to identified traits even when others don’t have it too!


The following ten talent themes can be accurately identified in the assessment:


  • Achieving 

  • Caring

  • Competing

  • Confidence

  • Dependability

  • Discoverer

  • Future Thinker

  • Organizer

  • Presence

  • Relating


The statistical consistency of the measurements has been surveyed with regards to reliability, stability, and validity and the scientific data is available for analysis.


This tool was designed for use at home or in organisations/schools dedicated to making the lives of young people better. For this purpose, it has adequate internal consistency, stability and validity.


As a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, I provide the following options for kids and their parents:

  • Complete the Assessment, get your results and engage with me in a 60 to 90 minute feedback session

  • Sign up for one of my Explorer Group Course (12 weeks) Read more here

We help you and your child:

  • Learn more about his/her unique talents

  • Focus on their talents (rather than their weaknesses)

  • Develop a common language regarding talents that help you communicate with your child in order to create an understanding of what makes him/her wonderfully unique

  • Discover your child’s unique potential given his inborn capabilities


We help your child and his friends:

  • Discover and respect each other’s talents

  • Discover how to depend on each other in teamwork settings, where everyone’s natural abilities can be incorporated to produce the maximum result for that team

  • Embrace diversity


Course Basics:

  • We keep to a maximum of 12 children per course to ensure interactive dialogue

  • The full program will be covered over a period of 10 weeks, one session per week

  • Every child receives a workbook and a code for the online assessment that will help each child identify his character talents

  • We offer an individual parent session at the start of the course as well as after the course

  • Parents will receive a workbook that covers their child's strengths results

  • The last day of the course will take place in the form of a Celebration Session where every child will be able to display his/her talents


Youth Strengths Leadership Course

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